Sunday, July 20, 2008

Carrollton Immigration issues

The following letter was published in Dallas Morning News -

As a Carrolltonian, I ask the Mayor and the City Council to stop wasting their time on matters that are not going to make one bit of a difference to any Citizen of Carrollton. Not a penny's worth of benefit will accrue to any.

English is the language we conduct our court and general business. To make it official is redundant. People will continue to speak German, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, French, Japanese or British in their homes. Perhaps our first Lady Bush speaks Spanish with her family, stop her!

I hope Mayor Branson did not say this "that if a resolution kept one illegal immigrant out of Carrollton, "it would be worth it." Let the Mayor earn the political support by doing good things and not pandering to those prejudiced ones, those few handful, less than 1/10th of 1% (110) of our population of 110,000 people who would like to get rid of any one who does not look like them, talk like them.

It is time the Carrolltonians ask the City Council to focus on doing things that benefit the City or the public in general.

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Mike Ghouse

Carrollton City Council to appoint panel on illegal immigration
12:59 AM CDT on Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dallas Morning News

The Carrollton City Council is expected to appoint a residents' task force to develop possible approaches to illegal immigration.

The idea for such a group came late Friday during a council retreat after council members failed to reach a consensus on proposed illegal immigration resolutions.

Mayor Ron Branson and council member Terry Simons had proposed a resolution affirming English as the city's official language, arguing that it would deter illegal immigrants.
But council members Tim Hayden and Herb Weidinger disagreed.

Mr. Hayden said such a resolution would do little more than generate headlines.
"I'm trying to follow the logic, but I'm getting lost," he said.

Mr. Branson said that if a resolution kept one illegal immigrant out of Carrollton, "it would be worth it."

He has said that one of his top priorities as mayor will be to work to rid the city of illegal immigrants, some of whom he said moved to Carrollton after neighboring Farmers Branch made them unwelcome with its efforts to prevent them from renting property.

Carrollton already participates in the Criminal Alien Program, which has jailers contacting Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers when they think a detainee is in the U.S. illegally. And in April, the city was accepted into a federal program that trains local police to act as immigration officers.

Mr. Branson resigned from the City Council in 2006 for health reasons but unseated the incumbent mayor in May.

Farmers Branch made English the city's official language in 2006. The Oak Point City Council adopted a resolution supporting the use of English as the official language of documents in this small Denton County town last summer.

Council member John Mahalik said he did not want Carrollton to be lumped together with cities such as Farmers Branch that have drawn widespread attention for their approaches to illegal immigration. But he also said he would support a resolution making English Carrollton's official language.

Council member Pat Malone raised the question of whether a resolution would have any significant impact. She also wondered whether it would send a message to residents that the council cares about the problem of illegal immigration.

The council also failed to reach a consensus on a proposed resolution supporting Farmers Branch's approach to illegal immigration, which has included ordinances that have been blocked by or tied up in court.

Council member Matthew Marchant did not voice support or opposition on the resolutions. Council member Larry Williams was not at the retreat Friday.

The council is likely to vote on the structure and membership of the task force in September.

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Matt Garrett said...

There is an extreme line on both sides of this subject here but to cave in to illegal immigration is just taking the “politically correct” approach in fear of views just as I read here. Although I was not at the retreat, I commend the city for being brave enough to step outside of the box and seek a solution. In reading the article, I would say that writer perceives the main objective of the current city government is to focus on illegal immigration. I know for a fact that is not the case. Illegal immigration is just one of the many agendas but one that needs to be addressed. Many avenues are being looked at right now, the main one being the Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 287G. There is nothing discriminatory about this. It is simply upholding US laws and could be in our best interest.

I do not think Mayor Branson wants to "rid" the town of illegal immigrants or the council wants to get rid of anyone that does not look or talk like them. The idea is totally preposterous. I think the “English” as the official language of Carrollton is just a statement, nothing else. I do not think Mayor Branson or Councilman Simons believe that it will deter illegal immigration. I perceive it as a message that something is going to be done about a run away problem with the issue within Carrollton. This is a statement to the citizens, not the illegal immigrants. Taking action will eventually send the needed message.

I understand that taking action on illegal immigration could be a road where fingers get pointed in the wrong context just as writer has done, but illegal immigration is illegal. Measures need to be put in place not to “rid” the town, but at least put the brakes on the influx of illegal immigrants moving into the area. Carrollton has been known for a long time as a “safe haven” for illegal immigration. Too much of anything can be a problem. As a 19 year resident, I would say I have seen enough of it now to consider is a current problem. 19 years ago, this would not even be an agenda. If Carrollton’s leaders were looking into illegal immigration 19 years ago, I would have had the view that the town had elected crazy people. Today it has become an agenda with the city government for a reason, and a very big one. These people did not come up with on their own. It comes from the input of the voting public. The reason is not one of prejudice or racially motivated. I know that to be far from the case. The city government is sworn to uphold all of the laws of the US, state and city in their actions. Here in 2008, Illegal immigration is a problem in the City of Carrollton. It is also simply illegal. Fr our elected officials to turn a blind eye to it would not be what they took an oath on.

Matt Garrett

Profile of Mike Ghouse said...


Thanks for sharing your opinion.

The issue is really not "illegal immigration", as anything illegal must be checked, be it drugs, immigration, drugs or other wrongs of the society. I am with you on it.

However, making a big deal out making "English" is redundant. It is not a wise way of spending our resources. Our priorities must be directed towards the most productive things for our community. "Ridding even one illegal should not be our focus", catching criminals should be our focus. Let INS handle that.

There is so much more to be done at our City and thank God, so many volunteers are working to make our city a better place to live. I am sure you would like to see our efforts in the prioritized direction.


Profile of Mike Ghouse said...

Please note, no matter which side you speak, if you cannot put your name to your opinion, it is not worth publishing. I am rejecting five of them. Please own up your opinion.

Mike Ghouse,

Anonymous said...

What else could we expect from such a Mayor. Thus, the importance of elections.

But, really. It's all publicity, and we know that, Mr. Branson. Now if you will please do your job and serve the people that "elected" you by actually doing something to deter illegal immigrants. How about raising taxes and fines for anybody who employs or houses illegal immigrants? I mean, there's a house down our street that harbors them. Give me a break, Ron. Just do your job, carry out your promises, and be conservative. There's no reason to make illegal immigration illegal, obviously because that's redundant; however, it's about high time we actually (god forbid) ENFORCE the law. That's where your branch of government comes in, Ron Branson. Enforce the law instead of making new ones.