Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Register to Vote by the 9th

Meet & Greet Becky Miller this Sunday was a successful event.

Mayor Becky Miller has a genuine interest in being the mayor of every Carrolltonian, as such she makes a point to meet members from every community, she has the enthusiasm and interest to reach out and include every one from Carrollton. Her inclusive attitude has brought her respect and admiration in the community.

Thanks to every one who came to express their support for her. Some of the pictures from the event representing a few communties are located at:


If you know some one who has moved recently and not registered to vote yet, please have her or him register by the 9th to be eligible to vote on May 10th.

Please call Hamed Hussain at (214) 244- 1359, he can register for you on the 9th at a designated place in the evening, perhaps the library on Keller Springs or my house on 1636 Coyote Ridge...


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